Sponsors spend money on events with expectations. Those expectations range from the tangible (generated leads), to the intangible (building a positive brand image). There is an underlying commercial objective as businesses look to get in front of their target audience.

85% of business leaders (including board members, executives and senior level managers) believe that events are critical to their organizations success.

And event managers rely on the added funds and collaboration to fuel a successful event.

An incredible amount of work goes into securing these agreements and closing new sponsorship. With these in place there are important sponsor fulfillment and coaching steps to put in place, ensuring that the partnership is renewed year over year. 

  • Communicate consistently – Staying accessible and top of mind with your sponsors leading up to an event and after will ensure that your event stays top-of-mind. 
  • Manage expectations – Sponsorship, even of the turn-key variety, requires an investment of time or additional staffing considerations to be successful. Often, the true pay-off of sponsorship exists beyond the day-of experiences. Sponsors should have clear expectations on what they’ll need to tackle and what would support a successful engagement with your event.
  • Make life easy for your sponsors – Delivering unified communication, resources, tasks, and timeline makes things a breeze for you and your sponsors.
  • Accessible data – Kick start your follow up after an event by knowing what is important for your sponsors in advance. 

With all that in mind, sponsor fulfillment should go beyond a checklist and report. 

You want to get to activation, collaboration, and relationships with your sponsors. People – not tactics and reminders. That’s where PartnerHQ can come to the rescue. 

Learn how PartnerHQ can help support your sponsor fulfillment, delivering a centralized partnership management portal to complete tasks, find information, and communicate back and forth about your events, all in one place.