Add New Partners with Bulk Upload

With the new bulk upload option, it’s even easier to get multiple partners added to your upcoming event or project. Inside of the host dashboard, get started on the Individuals tab. The upload icon in the top right corner will guide you through the process with an available CSV template.

Simply download the template, add first names, last names, emails, and tags for all your individuals and then upload the file. All individuals will be added (but not yet invited) into your PartnerHQ project.

Configure Email Communication 

Another new addition is the ability to configure email notification preferences for each partner. Set your partner’s email preferences (or your own) by selecting the Individual within your Host Dashboard. 

Within the Notification Preferences section, adjust as needed and hit save. (Just note that emails are only sent if the user has accepted their invitation to join your project.)

Enable Host Email Notifications For Completed Tasks

Want an update whenever a task is completed? You can now set preferences on a per task basis. Head to the Tasks section inside of your host dashboard and select the task you’d like to adjust. Select the Notify Hosts option to enable the feature and all project hosts will get an email when the task is completed.

Attach a Resource to a Task

Another option while configuring the tasks within your project is to include a resource. When added, these resources will be displayed under the main task content. A couple possible examples of how this can be used would be art specs attached to an advertising task, or using a task to acknowledge a partner has reviewed an included PDF.

File Upload Preview

When users upload files, a preview is now shown as an icon or image as confirmation. There’s also an additional trash can icon for removal. 

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