Organization Structure within PartnerHQ 

Based on feedback, and to prepare for some future upgrades on our roadmap, we’ve restructured how organizations and individuals are treated inside PartnerHQ. 

Every individual within PartnerHQ will be included in an organization. For current customers, note that individuals that were not previously part of a company-named organization now belong to self-named organizations (e.x. “Matt McIntyre’s Organization”)

Tasks and resources can be assigned by using the associated organization, just like before by going to the Organization tab within your PartnerHQ host section. The primary and recommended method of assigning a task or a resource is through the organization tab.

Benefits of making this adjustment:

  • Individuals can now belong to multiple organizations for even more flexibility in your setup and management.
  • Forms and pages are streamlined, limiting lengthy lists for large events and projects.
  • And more to come… 

The flexibility this improvement will provide moving forward will be a huge benefit.

Your Project Profile

For each project or event inside of PartnerHQ, users now have the ability to edit some of their own personal project settings. By default, this includes email notification preferences. 

Hosts can also enable an additional new feature that allows users to invite others from their organization to the project or event.

Teammate Invitation Option

Hosts can now turn on a feature that allows users to invite their teammates. This could be done to bring in added help, allowing others on a team to complete tasks, collaborate, or simply to share visibility.

This feature can be activated within the Settings sections of the Host Dashboard. 

Once activated, end users within your project will be able to invite others within their Project Profile, available via a drop down when clicking their profile image in the top right corner of PartnerHQ.

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