Partially fueled from needed shifts throughout the past couple years of a pandemic, but also out of a growing technology minded fan base, sports and athletic events have accelerated their shift to digital. 

Some current trends include:

  • Betting – As of January 2022, there are 30 states where sports betting is legal and active. The applications that fuel this trend give fans a new way of engaging with the live event. (There are positives and negatives here of course.)
  • Merging of Physical and Digital – AR and VR are truly moving into reality. NBA is a good example of this in action, offering opportunities to go courtside in partnership with Oculus. 
  • Tech enabled events – Even in-game data has increasingly relied on technology additions, like the NFL’s partnership with AWS to fuel in game probabilities and trends.
  • Digital platforms – Going beyond TV viewing, digital platforms allow media providers, leagues, and sports organizations to offer unique and engaging viewing options for fans. And while they’re at it, these platforms allow them to gain access to tons of fan data to inform future choices. (Personal favorite in this category:  F1 TV. The platform allows you to watch the race, of course, but also watch through a specific drivers camera and listen in to their team radio.) 

The accelerated shift to digital allows new and unique opportunities for everyone involved – athletes, sponsors, leagues, and fans. Digital shifts enable enhanced data knowledge and customization of the experience. 

As a fan… I’m here for it. I’m happy to scan a QR code to order my hot dog and Old Style from my seat at Wrigley. Thanks tech.

But, there’s one category within sports event management that has consistently fallen short:  partnership management and fulfillment.

Fans and athletes often take the bulk of the focus. Rightly so. But increased strategic focus on those relationships and priorities can also be supported by identifying efficiencies.

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