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Partner Management

How to introduce new partners to PartnerHQ?

So your project is set up and now you’re ready to start inviting partners? That’s great! Prior to sending the...

How do partners add new users from their organization to a project or event?

If the project host has enabled partners to allow new users to be added to your organization you can follow...

How do partners reassign a task to someone else in their organization?

To reassign a task to someone else within the same organization, the partner can use the gear icon button at...

How do I resend an invitation for a partner to join my event or project?

Partners that have not confirmed their access will be marked with an orange dot to the left of their name. Related post:...

How do I add partners in bulk?

With the bulk upload option, it’s even easier to get multiple partners added to your upcoming event or project. Inside...

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