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How to introduce new partners to PartnerHQ?

So your project is set up and now you’re ready to start inviting partners? That’s great! Prior to sending the system-generated email invitations, we encourage you to send a personal email to all partners introducing them to PartnerHQ and educating them about the benefits. Then, they won’t be surprised when the system-generated invitation arrives in their inbox and they can act on it right away.

Onboarding / Introductory / Welcome Email Example

Here is an example email to send to your partners ahead of them receiving the system-generated PartnerHQ emails

Subject: Introducing PartnerHQ for [Project/Event Name]

Hello [Organization Name (or) Indivdiual Name]

We’re excited to work with you on [Project/Event Name] and want to thank you for your partnership.

Organizing important details for the [Project/Event Name] is one of our top priorities to ensure everything is easier on you and your team. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with the partnership collaboration software company, PartnerHQ, for this year’s event. PartnerHQ is a centralized, mobile-friendly web portal trusted by major event organizers such as CrossFit, several PGA Tour tournaments, and many others which you can learn more about at partnerhq.com.

We’ve already loaded our PartnerHQ project with deliverables and important event information so it’s all in one place for you. PartnerHQ also includes key features like the ability to upload files, and private message our team. It’s truly your one-stop shop for all action items and communication for [Project/Event Name].

To help ensure PartnerHQ emails reach your inbox please be sure to ask your IT department to whitelist emails from the domain partnerhq.com and specifically the email address hello@partnerhq.com. If you or your IT team have any technical questions about this step you can email them directly to the PartnerHQ team at hello@partnerhq.com.

Next, you will receive an email invitation from PartnerHQ to join [Project/Event Name]. Please act on that email right away. Then, you’ll see all the tasks, resources, and messages in one place. We plan to send those invitations on [DATE / TIME].

Please let us know if you have any questions at this time and if there’s anything else we can do for you.



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