PartnerHQ was started to provide a platform for connecting partners and allowing them to work together. This year has provided an opportunity for us to work with 3 different groups on unique event types.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes these events unique:


This annual business conference, bringing together leaders from throughout Indiana, used PartnerHQ to work with the events partners, including speakers, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees.

Using a custom form builder within PartnerHQ, speaker requests were collected to fill content sessions for the conference.

  • Total Partners: 270
  • Total Attendees: 182
  • Volunteers: 18
  • Tickets Sold: 234 (69 using coupon code and 5 software drive transfers)
  • Number of Interactions: 1,076
  • Tasks Assigned: 810
  • Number of Logins: 378
  • System Emails Sent: 1,186
  • Social Media Templates: 14

Sports Competition

This event featured individual athletes and teams from around the world coming together to compete for two days.

The organizing team used PartnerHQ to get out of spreadsheets, and have a central location for collecting all vendor and sponsor needs, documentation, and branding. Partners also had one source for accessing logistics details, rules or regulations, and detailed maps.

  • Total Partners: 72
  • Number of Interactions: 1,768
  • Tasks Assigned: 774
  • Number of Logins: 542
  • System Emails Sent: 955

Nonprofit Fundraising Event

Capitalizing on the excitement of a sporting championship, this event gave on-site exposure for 130+ 501(c)(3) organizations and helped the nonprofits raise funds to support their missions.

Registration for inclusion, the collection of organization details, and donation collection was all managed through the software.

  • Sponsors and Nonprofits: 227
  • Total Attendees: 2,055
  • Total Donations Raised: $988,779.33
  • Donation Count: 2,316
  • Tasks Assigned: 1,592
  • Number of Interactions: 6,380
  • System Emails Sent: 5,627
  • Social Media Templates Used: 404